Incorporate the Instrument You Play Into Your Halloween Costume!

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Do you play an instrument? Perhaps its guitar, bass or percussion. This year, why not incorporate an instrument you play into your Halloween costume! Dress up and show off your talent at the same time! For example those who are a fan of nu metal music, could dress up like the popular, mask-wearing band Slipknot.

The band is known for each member wearing a unique mask. Now you can be a part of the band and get your own Slipknot mask. All nine Slipknot masks are available, but this article will focus on the ones that can easily incorporate your music instrument.

Those who play guitar could dress up as Mick Thompson or James Root. The Slipknot Mick mask is supposed to represent hate. A silver, metallic colored mask with five vertical slits for a mouth that are shaped into an evil grin make up the Slipknot Mick mask. The Slipknot James mask is meant to represent the band member's personality with its jester-style look. Slipknot James Root masks are white with red scars surrounding both eyes and a silver zipper between black lips. Both Slipknot costumes can be completed with a guitar.

Those who play bass could dress up as Paul Gray. Slipknot's bass-player represents his indulgent personality with a black mask bearing a pig-like nose. The Slipknot Paul mask also features metal bars in the mouth. A bullet hole with cracks surrounding it are detailed in lime green, completing this Slipknot Paul mask. To add to the costume, bring a bass guitar.

Those who play percussion or drums could dress up as Shawn "Clown" Crahan, Chris Fehn or Joey Jordison. Matching his nickname, Shawn Crahan wears a clown-like mask. The white Slipknot Clown mask features a round, clown-like nose and blood splatters causing this clown mask to be a real scare. Along with "Clown," Chris Fehn also plays custom percussion. Although the mask has been seen in various different colors, this Slipknot Chris mask is red. The Tengu-style mask features a long, Pinocchio-esque nose, stitches on each cheek and an unzipped zipper for a mouth. The Slipknot Chris mask is meant to represent his comic personality. Lastly, drummer Joey Jordison wears a white mask. The Slipknot Joey mask has black patterns around each eye and vertical, scratch-like marks on the forehead and cheeks. Five circles make up the eyebrows on the Slipknot Joey mask. A pair of drum sticks could easily complete any of these three Slipknot costumes.

By adding instruments you can play to these masks, you can help make the Slipknot costume even more authentic. Those who choose to wear one of these Slipknot costumes could even learn how to play a couple of the band's more popular songs or tracks from their latest album "All Hope Is Gone." Perhaps dressing up in Slipknot costumes with a group friends to play the songs together. That is sure to be a hit at any Halloween party! Who would not want to be a part of this Grammy-winning band?

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Incorporate the Instrument You Play Into Your Halloween Costume!

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This article was published on 2010/04/01