Ideas For Halloween Costumes in 2009

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Halloween is the holiday of playing make believe. People love throwing parties, eating candy, and playing games on this holiday. So, this year you are invited to a Halloween party and you're excited about attending. The only problem is that you don't know what to wear.

If you're a female you can dress as a gypsy. Head scarves can be purchased cheaply and long skirts and puffy blouses can be procured on clearance at the local department store. To dress up the outfit a little more get a couple of strings of beads. The beads should be colorful to add flare to the costume.

Another suggestion is dressing as a hippie. You can put on an old pair of blue jeans and an old shirt from your closet. Hippies usually wear peace sign necklaces, but if you can't get your hands on one a bead necklace is a suitable substitution.

If you really want to get fancy, you can dress up as a queen or countess from the past. For instance Marie Antoinette or Queen Elizabeth I. Renaissance dresses are usually appropriate for this type of costume. White beads can be used as pearls for a necklace or head dressing.

Put a little mystery in your costume by wearing a mask. Masquerade mask can match any outfit you chose to wear. Masquerade mask can come with feathers or sequence. If your costume does not require any extra flare a plain solid colored mask will do. A great idea is dressing up as a mardi gras party attendee. There are places you can go to buy or rent masks with a headdress or a mask on a stick. However, you can buy a mask of a famous character. For instance, Mike Myers, the Joker, and Zorro. Yet, make an attempt to avoid cliché costumes. For example, Grim Reaper, Jason, and the Scream mask. You don't want to show up at the party with the same costume as someone else.

If the above ideas do not inspire you, there are loads of other personas you can dress up as. For example, a nurse, RuPaul, Wonder Woman, or Cleopatra are all great personas to impersonate.

Whatever you decide to wear on Halloween remember to not drink and drive and watch out for pedestrians.

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Ideas For Halloween Costumes in 2009

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